Commercial & Residential Landscaping


If you're ready for that finishing touch to your new construction, are in need of a revitalizing makeover, or just looking for minor repairs and enhancement, Lawnco has the expertise and manpower to transform your landscaping into a beautiful oasis you'll be proud of.

Commercial & Residential Landscaping Louisville - LawncoDesign

Successful landscapes and gardens begin with knowledgeable designers planning for the future. From urban gardens to comprehensive estate plans, our landscape architect anticipates combined growth, color, form and seasonal conditions to provide you with the visual aesthetics you wish. At Lawnco, we draw on our years of experience and expertise to design and plan your landscape.


We take great pride in our landscape and garden installations. Soil preparation, timing and careful attention to plant health insures that your landscape or garden will start with every advantage available.The utmost care is taken to protect your property when adding to or changing an existing environment. The knowledge and forethought available to you through Lawnco guarantees a successful installation.


Your landscape grows and changes over time, and managing this growth depends on a wide variety of factors. The primary factor is your desire. For decades, Lawnco has provided maintenance programs ranging from complex weekly manicures to simple seasonal reviews. Whatever your desire, we can create a program that fulfills your needs while enhancing your landscape investment.

To learn more about Lawnco and our services, call us at (502) 423-9297 or click here to request information and we'll get back to you. To see our landscaping brochure, just click on the image below.