stuart hammack


Stuart joined the Lawnco team in April 1989 and obtained his commercial pesticide applicators license at that time. Since then he has headed up the turf and ornamental care division of Lawnco. With as many years of turf and plant care experience here in the Ohio valley, Stuart’s knowledge base is vast. He takes pride in converting tired looking lawns into lush carpets of green to be the envy of the neighborhood. Beyond turf, he and his team provide outstanding care for ornamental trees and plants.

Stuart’s personal approach to service has made him an invaluable employee to our customers. He always takes the time to educate our customer and explain the science behind what we do.

Not only is Stuart a resource to our customers, he is also a resource to the turf care industry. Stuart is a point person for turf industry equipment development having tested prototype machines for seeding and turf applicators adding his “wishes” to the development list. He has been featured in turf equipment brochures as a contact for other competing turf care companies.

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