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Outdoor Lighting - Louisville, KY

Outdoor Lighting

When the sun begins to set, your landscape will come to life with an outdoor lighting plan that has been designed and installed by Lawnco. Soft lights washing over a facade, focused path lighting for ease of navigation and accents on specific focal landscape elements will turn your home into a stunning oasis of light.


A Lawnco team of professionals will design and install your lighting system. Our goal is to increase the aesthetics and value of your home. Lawnco can work with you whether you are starting from the beginning or adding some supplemental light to an existing plan


Lighting may need to be adjusted to take full advantage of the changing environment. Scheduled maintenance to review and adjust light intensity, angles and seasonal time changes will keep your landscape looking great. Lawnco can also review the status of any existing lighting for safety and efficiency and make repairs as necessary.

To learn more about Lawnco and our services, call us at (502) 423-9297 or click here to request information and we'll get back to you. To see our lighting brochure, just click on the image below.