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Turf Maintenance Louisville, KYLawnco provides unmatched service to our customers with our attention to detail, scheduling and ability to communicate. It takes more than equipment and turf applications to create a great lawn, it takes a commitment to provide you with our best. So no matter the size or condition, let Lawnco change the way you feel about your lawn.


Lawnco begins every turf assessment with a thorough examination of your lawn by inspecting it for health, thatch content, disease, insect damage or weed control problems. We then make a determination by combining this information with your budget and the time frame for results as to whether your lawn should be over-seeded, eradicated and reseeded, sodded or rejuvenated with lawn applications.


Any eradication is done first, followed by the addition of topsoil to any areas of the lawn that may need to be leveled prior to seed or sod. The soil is then aerated to promote oxygen exchange and the successful germination of seed or to prepare for sod. Seeding is done with a power seeder which is precisely calibrated to plant the perfect measure of seed to produce optimum results. A time-released fertilizer is also applied to ensure the proper timing of the initial fertilization of the new lawn.

Turf Renovation Louisville, KYMaintenance

Lawnco will provide an outline for watering which can be achieved using traditional sprinklers or programmed into an irrigation system. Aside from providing written mowing guidelines, a Lawnco team member will also check the progress of the new turf to determine proper health.


Since 1978 we've been creating, renovating and maintaining some of the lushest and greenest lawns in the Louisville Metro area. From large multi-acre estates to the house next door with the white picket fence, Lawnco is the company that makes their lawn the envy of the neighborhood year after year. Our roots were founded in Louisville, so we know the climate, the soil, the seasons and what it takes to give you the lawn that everyone else wants.


Lawnco turf renovation is a proven process with a record of results. If Bermuda, Bent grass and Nimblewill grass are present in large amounts, a comprehensive method of removal is essential to recovery. Renovation is a multi-week process that returns your yard to a lush vista of green fescue. For more details about turf renovation by Lawnco, please view our brochure or contact us today.

Professional Mowing

As an additional level of turf care, we offer our customers professional mowing services. Nothing will dull green grass faster than poor mowing habits. Our technicians use professional grade equipment set at the precise height which produces the lush effect our customers love! Nothing can compare to a professional cut.

To learn more about Lawnco and our services, call us at (502) 423-9297 or click here to request information and we'll get back to you. To see our turf brochures, just click on the image below.