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Turf Maintenance Louisville, KY


Turf Renovation Louisville, KY

Lawnco provides unmatched service to our customers with our attention to detail, scheduling and ability to communicate.

Evaluation / Renovation

Lawnco begins every turf assessment with a thorough examination of your lawn. We then develop a program specific to your lawn’s needs. We offer different levels of lawn renovation and will tailor a plan to meet your goals for your lawn.

        Deep root stump removal
        Topsoil & grading
        Eradication of turf
        Power seeding
        Time-released fertilizer application


Lawnco will provide an outline for watering which can be achieved using traditional sprinklers or programmed into an irrigation system. Aside from providing written mowing guidelines, a Lawnco team member will also check the progress of the new turf to determine proper health.

Professional Mowing

As an additional level of turf care, we offer our customers professional mowing services. Nothing will dull green grass faster than poor mowing habits. Our technicians use professional grade equipment set at the precise height which produces the lush effect our customers love! Nothing can compare to a professional cut.

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